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Climate Smart Agriculture


Here you find important information on scheduled meetings and workshops as well as on presentations on conferences and exhibitions.

Nov 8-9, 2017: Optibarn Final Meeting in Brussels

Optibarn project partners in Brussels (Photo: ATB)
Optibarn project partners in Brussels (Photo: ATB)

The meeting was held on 8 and 9 November 2017 at the representation of the State of Brandenburg in Brussels.

Since 2014 scientists from seven research institutes in Germany, Danmark, Spain, Israel and Australia have jointly developed solutions for optimizing the climate in open ventilated dairy barns. From the beginning, decision makers and industry partners were integrated into the project work in order to have the practice demands in view and to promote the transfer of results from research into the practice of animal husbandry. Partners have experienced intensive and fruitful collaboration also in basic research and will certainly continue their scientific collaboration beyond the projects funding period. The final report for the Optibarn project will be prepared by March 2018.  

Presentations of the final meeting (PDF approx. 27 MB)

Summary final meeting

Jan 18-19, 2017: Second annual OptiBarn meeting

The second annual OptiBarn meeting takes place at the Polytechnic University Valencia in Spain

It consists of two parts: A workshop about "Dairy cattle husbandry and climate change" with participation of external scientists, and the project internal meeting to evaluate the current status of the project together with the scientific advisory board.




Picture of the workshop participants in a lecture hall of the polytechnic university of Valencia (Source: Polytechnic University Valencia)

Jan 11-12, 2016: First annual OptiBarn meeting

The first annual OptiBarn meeting takes place at Aarhus University in Denmark.



Picture of workshop participants in the foyer of Navitas buiding in Aarhus (source: G. Zhang, Aarhus University)

Dec 1-2, 2014: OptiBarn Kick-Off Workshop

The OptiBarn Kick-Off Workshop will be held at Leibniz Institute for Agricultural Engineering and Bioeconomy (ATB) in Potsdam, Germany.





Picture of workshop participants in front of ATB main building (source: U. Stollberg, ATB)
Picture of workshop participants in front of ATB main building (source: U. Stollberg, ATB)

Conference contributions related to OptiBarn

OptiBarn research results will be presented at the following conferences:


Macsur science conference 2015

Date: 08. to 09. April 2015
Place: University of Reading
Reading, UK

Contribution: poster presentation


12. Internationale Tagung "Bau, Technik und Umwelt in der Nutztierhaltung" 2015

Date: 08. to 10. September 2015
Place: Technische Universität München
Maximus-von-Imhof-Forum 6
85354 Freising, Germany

Contribution: Oral presentation and conference paper 


16th International Conference Rural-Urban Symbiosis  

Date: 08. to 10. September 2015
Place: Hamburg University of Technology
21073 Hamburg, Germany  

Contribution: Poster presentation and conference paper 


EGU General Assembly 2016

Date: 17. to 22. April 2016
Place: Vienna, Austria

Contribution: Poster presentation



Date: 17. to 20. May 2016
Place: Stockholm, Sweden

Contribution: Poster presentation


MACSUR LiveM 2016

Date: 15. to 16. June 2016
Place: Potsdam, Germany

Contribution: Oral and poster presentation


CIGR conference 2016

Date: 26. to 29. June 2016
Place: Aarhus, Denmark

Contribution: oral presentations



of the final meeting
in Brussels (Nov 8-9, 2017)

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