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Transnational project
in the framework 
of the
Climate Smart Agriculture

Work package 3

Investigation of animal-specific stress in distinct climates

WP3 identifies heat stress indicators of dairy cows in distinct climates. Behavioural and physiological responses of individual animals to heat stress will be explored in order to define thresholds for the sensors, which measures the parameters. Sensor-based animal monitoring will be performed in selected barns in order to quantify the influence of different climatic conditions on the animal-individual welfare.

Leader WP3: 
Agricultural Research Organization (ARO) - the Volcani Center, Israel

Ilan Halachmi



3.1: Building a setup for evaluation animal stress based on sensor selection 

Task leader: Ilan Halachmi 

Partners involved: ARO, ATB   


3.2: Case studies on animal-individual stress, using the setup from Task 3.1 

Task leader: Thomas Amon 

Partners involved: ATB, ARO



of the final meeting
in Brussels (Nov 8-9, 2017)

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