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Transnational project
in the framework 
of the
Climate Smart Agriculture

Work package 1

Simulation of livestock housing climate for region-specific barn concepts and climate boundary conditions

WP1 investigates in detail the effects of boundary conditions, particularly climatic ones, on the housing climate in NVB. Numeric modelling and simulations, physical experiments and modelling in a boundary layer wind tunnel and field studies in selected barns will extend the available knowledge. 

Leader of WP1: 
Leibniz Institut for Agricultural Engineering and Bioeconomy, Germany
Dr. Sabrina Hempel (coordinator)


1.1: Modeling through- and inflow of NVB in a boundary layer wind tunnel and numerically 
Task leader: Sabrina Hempel 
Partners involved: ATB, AU, PIK    

1.2: Deduction of potential risk factors 
Task leader: Christoph Menz 
Partners involved: PIK, ARO, ATB, UPV    

1.3: Region-specific cross-validation 
Task leader: Li Rong 
Partners involved: AU, ATB, ARO, UPV, PIK



of the final meeting
in Brussels (Nov 8-9, 2017)

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